Memories are best gifts of time.

Save all your photos, rediscover the happiness.


Fotofami is able to recognize every family members and friends. It groups photos and creates timelines for everyone. Recognition rate hits 99.95%, far better than iPhone Camera Roll.


Fotofami discovers those wonderful moments for you, replays them in musical slides. These moments are your valuable assets of family history. Fotofami helps you build them with no friction.

Powered by Deep Learning Visual Engine


When plugged into iPhone, Fotofami starts backing up photos and videos from your Camera Roll securely. Zero setup needed, no duplicating pics. The result, you can enjoy freeing up your iPhone space now.

Fotofami is MFI Certified by Apple Inc. 

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Fotofami G1

$129.00 $109.00

Fotofami G1 (64GB)  holds approx. 50,000 photos or 520 minutes videos.

Fotofami G2

$169.00  $149.00

Fotofami G2 (128GB)  holds approx. 100,000 photos or 1040 minutes videos.

Fotofami G2 Double Pack

$338.00  $278.00

Two Fotofami G2 (128GB)  included, each holds approx. 100,000 photos or 1040 minutes videos. Perfect for double backup!

Recent Reviews

It’s in good design and fine made


It’s in good design and fine made. I love the touch of metal. What most impressed me is the event albums it generates for me, saves my time. I don’t need to pick photos one by one. The only problem is that I couldn’t find any place to use my Touch ID to lock the device. Hope they can show me more steps in the manual.


Response from Fotofami | An Event-based Photo Album that preserves cherished memories

You’d need to enable password access first, then you’ll see the touchID option.

Great Find


As someone who is not crazy about The Cloud, I was delighted to discover Fotofami. I am an avid photographer, shooting tens of thousands of pictures a year. It does everything is says it will — so much better than a plain old external hard drive. I LOVE it. It makes browsing my photos easy and fun. I’ve never been able to find what I am looking for more easily.

Katherine Kudzu

Absolutely love this new device


Absolutely love this new device! Very light weight and easy to bring along. Fit perfectly to my busy schedule (meaning no time to touch my personal PC to backup pictures). I am also not a fan of icloud so this is a life saver!! The package is neat and simple. The backup time is relatively fast too. I think this is one of the device which I am going to use a lot instead of having it sitting in my drawer. I agreed with other user that having this saved my money to get a new phone or spending time on iclouding! 🙂

Amazon Customer

Fast delivery


I ordered a silver one, received it in two days. Backed up tons of my pics taken during the last 2 years,… peace of mind now. Not much to complain. Good job, guys!


I really like this very smal and easy setting


I really like this very smal and easy setting! Using my iCloud to back up all of my information was very convenient until I ran out of storage room, which meant no more backups unless I paid. Using this device I am able to back up all my contacts/photos/videos and it is extremely convenient.

Lei Z.

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